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What is SNIP?

SNIP is a low cost spay/neuter program for Davidson County NC residents. SNIP began in 2018 and is operated by two, 501(c)3 rescue organizations, Davidson County Animal Alliance and Ruff Love Rescue. Through our fund raising efforts, we are able to provide low cost, only $75, spay/neuter services to residents of Davidson County.

Who can use SNIP?

SNIP is available to all residents of Davidson County regardless of their income.

Are there any restrictions to the program?

Unfortunately yes. SNIP is limited to dogs under 60 pounds. The mobile clinic is small and does not have kennels for larger dogs. The program also cannot accept any "flat faced" breeds such as Boxers, Pugs, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, etc. To safely undergo surgery, these breeds require additional surgical time, and sometimes special equipment and anesthesia to keep their airways open during surgery. Those extras place the cost above what SNIP can provide at $75. SNIP does not accept feral cats or cats in traps.

When and where is the SNIP Clinic?

SNIP clinics are held every Tuesday (with holiday exceptions) at the Peaceful Paws Mobile Clinic located in front of Tractor Supply in Thomasville. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. 

How do I apply for SNIP?

Email to request an application.

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